Clean water
is essential.

Did You Know?

More than one billion people on our planet live without access to clean drinking water. This is detrimental to their health and development of their communities.
Access to clean drinking water is essential for improving living conditions on our planet.

Every Drop Counts!

A faucet that drips just ONCE PER SECOND
wastes 102.000 liters of clean water annualy.

Every drop counts – Save clean water.

Statement of Conformity
by The Institute of Public Health &
The Environmental Protection Institute
Slovenia, EU

Sanitary Suitability

Sanitary Suitability of products and materials coming into contact with foodstuff.

Sanitary Material Suitability

Rules on the materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Sanitary Water Suitability

Rules on drinking water.


Our faucets provide maximum safety for users in terms of health and hygene,
confirmed by Institutes of Public Health in EU countries.


Compliance Statement for all sanitary products by Fars-Inox Ltd.


Material Test Report by Institute of Public Health Croatia, EU


Statement of Conformity by Institute of Public Health Slovenia, EU